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Re: Miscompilation of remainder expressions

On Wed, 17 Jan 2007, Andrew Haley wrote:

| Gabriel Dos Reis writes:
|  > On Wed, 17 Jan 2007, Andrew Haley wrote:
|  >
|  > |
|  > | From a performance/convenience angle, the best place to handle this is
|  > | either libc or the kernel.
|  >
|  > Hmm, that is predicated on assumptions not convenient to users
|  > on targets that are not glibc-based or GNU/Linux-based.
| Well, if GNU libc/Linux/whatever can fix this bug in libc or the
| kernel, so can anyone else.

(1) people upgrde OS less frequently than compilers.
(2) it is not at all obvious that the problem is in the libc or in the

| "To a man with a hammer, all things look like a nail."  It's very
| tempting for us in gcc-land always to fix things in gcc, not because
| it's technically the right place but because it's what we control
| ourselves.

well, I'm unclear what your point is here, but certainly GCC is
at fault for generating trapping instructions.
So, we fix the problem in GCC, not because that is what we control
ourselves, but we we failed to generate proper code.

For the earlier point, for sure GCC provides necessary support
routines for targets lacking proper instructions.  This is not

-- Gaby

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