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Please does anyone know the answer to the following questions?

1. The operating system (OS) schedules tasks, but gnat allow us to set schedule policies such as Round Robin, then how does gnat tell the OS to start doing Round Robin scheduling?

2. If someone wants to write a new scheduling policy, what files I need to add and update to tell gnat to use my scheduling policy.

For example, if I want tasks to block, even though it does NOT want to use a shared data object, but if another task on the "same" cpu is running and is using a shared data object that other tasks on other CPUs need that shared data object.

For example, I see for Round Robin, gnat has the following files: and a-diroro.adb

3. Which gnat files for tasking and scheduling tell the tasks to use these files and how these files hookup to the tasking model?

4. What gnat file is the Scheduling and Tasking file? I want to see how it uses the Round Robin or how scheduling works in gnat?

Thank you for your time

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