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Merging the gcj-eclipse branch

We're planning to merge the 'gcj-eclipse' branch back to the trunk
this week.  This branch holds a major overhaul of gcj, and in
particular changes gcj to use the Eclipse java compiler as a kind of
preprocessor.  This change was approved by the GCC Steering Committee.

Most of the changes on the branch we can approve ourselves (the only
non-gcj changes are to the documentation), but as the result is
somewhat different from the current situation, we thought it best to
warn everybody.

The full libgcj build now requires two tools which are written in
Java: 'ecj1' (a special variant of the eclipse compiler) and 'gjavah'
(a replacement for the old gcjh).

We want to make it possible to continue to build the GCC tree without
needing any special setup.  And since ecj is not in the tree, and
since gjavah requires building libgcj before it can be used, we
decided to check in all the generated .class and .h files.  These are
all platform independent.

If you want to modify .java sources, you will need to set up your
environment a bit more fully and configure with
--enable-java-maintainer-mode.  Exactly how to do this is detailed in
the documentation.

We've also checked in jar files and the like for the test suite.  This
makes it possible to configure, build, and 'make check' without
requiring an ecj to be available.

We plan to do the merge on Friday.


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