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configuration options policy (at toplevel or only inside gcc/)?


Most options of GCC (like --enable-werror --with-gmp ...) are configure-able
at its toplevel source directory while others ( --enable-mapped-location
.... ) are configure-able with the configure script inside its gcc/ source

Of course, some options are for the whole toplevel.

When adding a new option, should I always add it at the toplevel or not?

Some options (like --enable-mapped-location or --with-gc=zone) seems to be
only usable with the gcc/configure script which seems usually to be run by
the build procedure (ie by the make at build).

Actually, I don't fully understand what might go inside the toplevel. I
believed that once perhaps even gdb or binutils could go there but I might
be wrong...

In other words, should I make all my configurable flag visible by the
toplevel configure and propagated (thru Makefile.tpl) to gcc/ or not?

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