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Re: Linker for OOP

On Fri, Sep 01, 2006 at 07:42:08AM +0900, Mikiya Matsuzaka wrote:
>    `(const:M EXP)'
>         Represents a constant that is the result of an assembly-time
>         arithmetic computation.  The operand, EXP, is an expression that
>         contains only constants (`const_int', `symbol_ref' and `label_ref'
>         expressions) combined with `plus' and `minus'.  However, not all
>         combinations are valid, since the assembler cannot do arbitrary
>         arithmetic on relocatable symbols.
>         M should be `Pmode'.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Are there any plan to implement this facility as an extension to
> object file format?
> I don't know the fact but I suppose why linker was originally
> invented was to promise user to recompile only modified .c files, 
> and this principal was broken with object oriented programming.

If you are proposing extensions to object file formats or the linker,
you're on the wrong list.  Try the binutils list.

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