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Re: regress and -m64

   You build system certainly has issues. Why don't you strip
down your .cshrc or .bashrc to a completely empty file, open
a new terminal session so none of the previous .cshrc settings
are in effect and rebuild gcc trunk. Also, I am assuming you
are running MacOS X 10.4 and have at least Xcode 2.3. What do
you get for..

ld64 -v

on Xcode 2.3 I get...

@(#)PROGRAM:ld64  PROJECT:ld64-47.2  DEVELOPER:root  BUILT:May  4 2006 11:37:00

...whereas on Xcode 2.4 I get...

@(#)PROGRAM:ld64  PROJECT:ld64-59.2  DEVELOPER:root  BUILT:Jul  1 2006 14:09:03

With fink's odcctools I get...

@(#)PROGRAM:ld64  PROJECT:odcctools-590.42.1od14

...which is the same cctools release number as the cctools in Xcode 2.3.

Again, one advantage of using fink is that you have a far more
controlled build environment and can alway find out what packages
are install with 'dpkg -l' and what package a file belongs to 

dpkg -S /sw/lib/odcctools/bin/ld64
odcctools: /sw/lib/odcctools/bin/ld64

...making it a lot easier to sanity check your build environment.

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