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MyGCC and whole program static analysis

Maybe some of your are aware of MyGCC which
seems to be an extended GCC to add some kind of static analysis.

I'm quite surprised that the mygcc page gives x86/linux binaries, but
no source tarball of their compiler (this seems to me against the
spirit of the GPL licence, but I am not a lawyer).

As some few people might already know, the GGCC (globalgcc) project is
just starting (partly funded within the ITEA framework by french,
spanish, swedish public money) - its kick off meeting is next week in

GGCC aims to provide a (GPL opensource) extension to GCC for program
wide static analysis (& optimisations) and coding rules
validation. But this mail is not a formal announcement of it...

I am also extremely interested in the LTO framework, in particular
their persistence of GIMPLE trees. Could LTO people explain (if
possible) if their framework is extensible (to some new Gimple nodes)
and usable in some other setting (for example, storing program wide
static analysis partial results, perhaps in a "project" related
database or file). It is too bad that they only store information in
DWARF3 format... Do they have some technical description of their
format and persistence machineray (I've read their introductory

BTW, I am still a newbie on GCC...


email: basile<at>starynkevitch<dot>net 
aliases: basile<at>tunes<dot>org = bstarynk<at>nerim<dot>net
8, rue de la Faïencerie, 92340 Bourg La Reine, France

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