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attempt to use poisoned "CONST_COSTS"

Hello everyone,

I am upgrading a cross compiler from 3.2 to 3.4.6
I had to change some of the TARGET description macros
in target.h file
for otherwise while building i am getting "attempt to
use poisoned" errors

Presently what is written in target.h is 

1.	#define CPP_PREDEFINES \
		"-Dtargetname -D__targetname__ -Amachine=targetname"

	corresponding macro in 3.4.6 is
2.	#define CONST_COSTS(RTX, CODE, OUTER_CODE)      \
  		case CONST_INT:				\
    			return target_const_costs (RTX, OUTER_CODE);  
  		case CONST: 					\
    			return 5;                                   \
  		case LABEL_REF:				\
    			return 1;                                   \
  		case SYMBOL_REF:				\
    			return ((TARGET_SMALL_MODEL)? 2: 3);        \
  		case CONST_DOUBLE:				\
      			return 10;
      	i dont know the corresponding macro in 3.4.6

3.	#define	ADDRESS_COST(RTX)	1

	corresponding macro in 3.4.6 is "int
TARGET_ADDRESS_COST (rtx address)"
4.	#define RTX_COSTS(X, CODE, OUTER_CODE)			\
  		case MULT:                                        
  			return COSTS_N_INSNS (2);                        
  		case DIV:						\
  		case UDIV:						\
  		case MOD:						\
  		case UMOD:						\
  			return COSTS_N_INSNS (30);				\
  		case FLOAT:						\
  		case FIX:						\
  		  	return COSTS_N_INSNS (100);
  	corresponding macro in 3.4.6 is "bool
TARGET_RTX_COSTS (rtx x, int code, int outer_code, int
  	do						\
  	  {						\
  	    fputs ("\t.globl ", STREAM);		\
  	    assemble_name (STREAM, NAME);		\
  	    fputs ("\n", STREAM);			\
  	  }						\
  	while (0)
  	corresponding macro in 3.4.6 is "void
  Now to my problem :
  except for TARGET_CPU_CPP_BUILTINS i dont know how
to rewrite the existing macros for 3.4.6
  Can anybody help me in this regard?
  Thanks in advance


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