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Re: PowerPC FPU support

>>>>> Michael Eager writes:

Michael> I'm adding support to GCC for a different PPC floating point unit.
Michael> It's similar to the standard PPC FPU in that it supports most of
Michael> the same instructions and all operation are in FP registers.
Michael> The FPU comes in a single-precision and double-precision variant.
Michael> There's also an option of having no FPU.

Michael> Rather than creating yet another configuration with another
Michael> TARGET_<whatever> definition and creating ever more cluttered
Michael> condition expression, I've thought to replace TARGET_FPRS with
Michael> TARGET_FPRS_SINGLE and TARGET_FPRS_DOUBLE.  These would both have
Michael> the value 1 for standard PPC, and 1 or 0 depending on whether the
Michael> single-or double-precision FPU was available, as specified by a new
Michael> option -mfpu=.  There would be some added instruction patterns
Michael> for the single-precision operations.

	I think you want to look at TARGET_HARD_FLOAT, not TARGET_FPRS.
TARGET_FPRS was added for Motorola e500 that has FP in GPRs.


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