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Re: _JNI_CreateJavaVM missing

On Aug 8, 2006, at 5:56 AM, Andrew Haley wrote:
Juerg Lehni writes:
I compiled the lastest GCJ from SVN head today, and when linking to
my application that uses JNI invocation and worked well before, I
recieved a "undefined symbols" error about _JNI_CreateJavaVM and

And indeed, these symbols seem not to be exported anymore, as this
does not show any results:

nm /usr/local/lib/libgcj.7.0.0.dylib | grep _JNI_CreateJavaVM

Is this a mistake on my side, or did something change here in the
meantime? I previously used gcc 4.1.1.

The only modification I made was to apply the patch I posted earlier
on this list:

There have been some recent weirdnesses to do with Darwin symbols.

? I'm not sure what this refers to. I can guess at things that this might refer to:

void gets asm("gets$UNIX2003");

or weird stuff like that on newer OSes. But, for the case in question I don't see a relationship? No, I don't have any idea off the top of my head about the issue raised above.

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