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Wannabe Contributor: My plan + Need guidance

Thanks DJ & Mike for your quick replies.

This is to summarise my plan so that others can
guide/help me.

Considering that GCC has no garbage code (Right?
Mike!) I would like to rephrase my task as removing
dead code, unwanted code, any fat that we can get rid
of from the source tree ..

[Somebody should change the "Delete garbage" statement
on the simple GCC projects ;) ]

I will appreciate all the pointers in line of what can
be removed. Since its the start I want to focus on the
"absolute sure" ones like (#if 0, if they are still
there or likes).

But please feel free to provide anything that you have
in mind.

My primary goal from this task is to get to know GCC
and its source tree. I hope to get some partners on

I will try to setup a web location to dump the task
items so that we can accumulate and list them.

Having said my plan, I want to add that, at the start
its gonna be slow in terms of output considering the
learning curve and getting my time table adjusted.



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