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Re: algol 60 for gcc

On 8/8/06, Petr Machata <> wrote:

I'm trying to make the university to GPL the code and documentation, and
give up their copyright, so that it could be used without restriction,
but won't know the outcome until later this year.

I am not a lawyer, but my understanding from researching university claims to copyright of student work is that a university policy of holding a copyright on work you have done in a class that you paid to be in is entirely specious.

If you are being compensated for your work and receiving research grants or
something like that it's different, but if you are doing work for a
class that you
are paying to be in, that work is yours under the Berne convention, and it is
yours to license how you please.  As a paying student, you hire your university
to coach you.

You never hear about universities claiming copyright on the output from authors
who have taken creative writing classes, do you?

of course as a doctoral student you may be receiving grant money or stipends
which may make your work work-for-hire, but then again it might not, if your
grant or stipend is a financial aid or is for tasks other than writing
software and
docs, such as being a teaching assistant.
shows many links to various policy documents, most of which refer to
international copyright law, which should apply to FIT BUT as well as
they apply in Canada or Minnesota.

David L Nicol
all your grammar nit are belong to us

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