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Re: How gcov handles untested files, prior and after GCC 3.4

Ok. The reason that I need to know how many lines of source code their
is in the untested files is that I want to calculate a avarage for
test coverage on "modules" in my source code tree. And untested
"module files" contribute to that avarage as well, of course.

That I need it to work in a similiar way on different versions of Gcc
is that the implementation is done in a general build system, and that
I don't really know which Gcc version that is used on the host
machine. The main build server is for example 3.2.3 where as most of
the workstations use Gcc 4.x.x. The build system though needs to work
in both environments.


On 8/4/06, Nathan Sidwell <> wrote:
Fredrik Johansson wrote:

> Why I ask is because I need to extract the number of lines even in
> untested files, and I need it to work both on 3.3.6 and on various
> 3.4.x versions.

This use case had not occurred to me.


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