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Re: Building libstdc++ for powerpc-eabi

Michael Eager <> writes:

> I'm running into problems building libstdc++
> for powerpc-eabi.  It eventually fails with an
> error message saying "Link tests are not allowed
> after GCC_NO_EXECUTABLES" while it is checking
> to see if libgcc_s exists.
> Meanwhile, config.log for libstdc++ shows lots
> of compile failures.  So I think that the error
> while looking for libgcc_s is really a red herring.

No, it's not; it's the actual problem.

> The compile failures are the result of ecrti.o
> not being included in the link.  Nick Clifton
> posted a message about this, with a patch
> (
> After applying this patch, libstdc++ builds OK.
> Following the discussion on that thread, it seems
> like the suggestion is that one should build gcc
> for some other similar target, such as powerpc-eabisim,
> which sort of misses the goal of building powerpc-eabi.
> So, what is the right way to build g++ for powerpc-eabi?

You fix the bug, and then it works.

See follow-up messages to the message you quoted, notably

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