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day to day quality report for the past 12.5 months

If one asks Geoff's regression tester what it thinks of the day to day quality of gcc, one gets:

256 build native
  65 regress-8 native
  64 regress-6 native
  55 regress-5 native
  48 regress-9 native
  42 regress-4 native
  41 regress-7 native
  39 regress-3 native
  33 regress-11 native
  30 regress-2 native
  16 regress-1 native
  15 regress-10 native
  12 regress-12 native
   7 regress-268 native
   7 regress-26 native
   7 regress-25 native
   4 regress-30 native
   4 regress-24 native
   3 regress-32 native
   3 regress-200 native
   3 pass native
   2 regress-48 native
   2 regress-31 native
   2 regress-28 native
   1 regress-49 native
   1 regress-33 native
   1 regress-27 native
   1 regress-14 native
   1 regress-13 native

The first number being the count, the second is the status. The curious thing we see here is that the pass rate is 3 out of 765 runs, that''s around 0.4%. There were 34 transitions from building to not building.

Broken down on a per day basis:

246 regress
  63 build
   3 pass

meaning there were 3 days where things passed at least once that day, 63 days when things failed to build at least once that day, and 246 days when things built at least once that day but had regressions. There were roughly 383 days in the interval.

See for all the raw data.

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