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Re: native or cross libssp?

Ben Elliston wrote:

> The former will be far easier, unless you desparately want ssp support
> for your target.  libssp's configure script checks for certain
> behaviour from vsnprintf and needs to run the test program to
> determine that.

It's our general policy that all libraries have configuration options
that permit them to be built in cross environment, by explicitly passing
appropriate configuration options.  Until those are added to libssp, it
 should be automatically disabled for cross builds.  Please file a PR
for this problem.

There have been several libraries contributed of late which have had
serious build and installation problems, including placing files in
incorrect directories and not being disabled in casses where they do not

In future, I plan to be looking hard at any new library submissions and
asking contributors to test and fix such issues before checking in.
These problems are not hard to fix, but sometimes folks that are used to
working only in native environments do not think about them.


Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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