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RE: cross gcc - working gcc, but cannot compile C++

On 24 July 2006 18:31, Danny Backx wrote:

> I can build a cross-gcc as long as I tell it to support only C. When
> trying to get C++ compiled as well, I always end up getting the error
> message below.
> I've tried patching gas because I had the feeling that gcc is producing
> an option that gas doesn't support any more, but somehow I couldn't get
> that to work.
> Is this a gcc bug ?

  Looks like a problem with specs file generation, conceivably some kind of
old SysV option.  Might be informative to run "./xgcc -dumpspecs" in the build

> /usr/ppc/bin/arm-wince-pe-as: unrecognized option `-Qy'    
> gmake: *** [g++spec.o] Error 1

  Whatever it is, it's been seen before....  lots!

  Is it conceivable that you have another version of cross-binutils in your
path, ahead of the arm-wince-pe binutils, and aimed at a different target?
What exact configure options did you use when you configured gcc and binutils?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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