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Re: Gcov: Counting lines of source code (untested files) as gcov does

Apparently I forgot to CC this to the list last time, so here is a new attempt!

Fredrik, if you can modify the source: if any line in a source file
is touched, you'll get a .da file.  So you could add a dummy routine
to each file and call them all at startup.  That will be an easier
project than trying to write a new .bb/.bbg reader.

In that case I guess I wouldn't need any "dummy routine" either, just include the code from a testfile that I know is beeing run, and I have one TestMain.cpp or something that loads the testsuit and such. That would work, wouldn't it? I'm at home now so I don't have the code in front of me, but an included file that isn't used get 0% coverage, right?

But anyway, I would really really hate to have to alter the main code
base. I'm hired over the summer to alter the build system, and if I
came and told the other developers to make changes to their other
components I think that would discorage them to use gcov at all, which
is the opposite to what I'm hired to do :)

It's not possible to "trick" gcov (or create a version of gcov that
can be tricked) that there is a .da file but that no lines have been
executed or something like that (the line count is done by reading the
.bb anyway, right?)?



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