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Re: Gcov: Counting lines of source code (untested files) as gcov does

Fredrik Johansson wrote:
> >The untested files are compiled with --fprofile-arcs and
> >-ftest-coverage so they do have .bb and .bbg files (again, I use Gcc
> >3.3.6) so my thinking is to extract the part of gcov.c that count
> >source code lines and create my own tool to do this by reading the
> >bb-file. But I've found that this is a bit "hairy" (is that an
> >expression in english? ;)) as gcov.c depends on a bunch of other gcc
> >files. And I suck at c to, by the way.

On Tue, Jul 18, 2006 at 08:49:17AM +0100, Nathan Sidwell wrote:
> Yes, it was so hairy in fact that for 3.4 I ripped it up and reimplemented 
> it all.  Starting where you are is going to be awkward whatever you do.

Fredrik, if you can modify the source: if any line in a source file
is touched, you'll get a .da file.  So you could add a dummy routine
to each file and call them all at startup.  That will be an easier
project than trying to write a new .bb/.bbg reader.

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