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Re: g77 problem for octave

This is just the case. The problem is not if I like or not. Actually, i am
happy with gfortran. But the package i want to use requires the specific
version g77 4.1.0-25.

If there is no solution, then i will uninstall gcc 4.1.0-25 and all
dependent components and will install gcc 3.3.4 for which i can find g77.
But i think this is a very time consuming work.


Kind regards,

Tolga Yapici

> On 7/16/06, Tim Prince <> wrote:
> > > On my computer, the installed version of gcc is 4.1.0-25 and i could not
> > > find any compatible version of g77 to install. For the installation of
> > > octave, i need exactly gcc-g77 not gcc-fortran.
> (...)
> > If you are so interested in using g77 rather than gfortran, it should be
> > easy enough to grab gcc-3.4.x sources and build g77.  One would wonder
> > why you dislike gfortran so much.
> I don't think he dislikes gfortran so much, he just needs _that_
> specific version of the package to install octave, I guess.
> That would be a SuSE packaging problem, so I'm CC:'ing matz.
> Gr.
> Steven

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