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Re: How to control to use the function static linked to a shared library

"Hongbo Li" <> writes:

This question would be more appropriate for the gcc-help mailing list
rather than the gcc mailing list.

> 	I currently hit an issue that I would like to use a function
> statically linked to a shared library but my program use the same
> function from another shared library. Here is what I do:
> 	1. I have toto.cxx that has one function called: toto() {cout <<
> "static toto" << endl;}
> 	2. I create an archive say toto.a has the toto.o
> 	3. I have toto1.cxx that has one functin called toto() {cout
> cout <<"shared toto"<<endl;}
> 	4. I create a shared
> 	5. I have use_toto.cxx that has one function called use_toto() {
> toto();}:
> 	6. I create a shared that statically link to
> toto.a
> 	7. My main program test.cxx calling use_toto()
> 	I would like to always see the output of "static toto" but the
> output depends on the order of linking and
> 	I will see "static toto" when I do this
> 	g++ -o test -L./ -luse_toto ./test.o
> 	But I see "shared toto" if I change the order:
> 	g++ -o test -L./ -luse_toto ./test.o
> 	My question: do we have any way during the compilation/link to
> control the program so that toto() in toto.cxx is always used? Since I
> may not have way to control how to build the main program, is there a
> way to build so that toto() in toto.cxx is always used?

As you have discovered, the order on the link line determines when
symbols will be used.

You can force a few other possibilities by using a linker version
script or by setting the visibility attributes.  See the linker manual
for version scripts and the gcc manual for attributes.


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