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Re: gcc port based on MIPS

thanks,There is a macro LEGITIMIZE_RELOAD_ADDRESS.Accroding to gcc internals
"It is a C compound statement that attempts to replace x, which is an
address that needs
reloading, with a valid memory address for an operand of mode mode.
win will be a
C statement label elsewhere in the code".

I'm not been able to comprehend this macro.The explaination is saying
that it tries to replace the address with some suitable address.But
when will such a situation occur,any example will  be helpful.And what
is reloading pass.According to gcc internals in this pass
pseudo-registers  are replaced with hard registers and some are
assigned stack slots.Is there anything else which happens in this
phase.Is above mentioned macro also has something to do with pass.


On 20 Jun 2006 00:40:07 -0700, Ian Lance Taylor <> wrote:
"kernel coder" <> writes:

> > ../../gcc-4.1.0/gcc/config/ABC/ unknown value
> > `<ANYF:UNITMODE>' for `mode' attribute
> > ../../gcc-4.1.0/gcc/config/ABC/ unknown value
> > `<ANYF:UNITMODE>' for `mode' attribute
> Sorry,these errors were just my mistake.I mistakenly comminted out the
> following line in file
> (define_mode_attr UNITMODE [(SF "SF") (DF "DF")])
>                           (V2SF "SF")])
> That caused the above error to be generated.Now file has passed
> through the compilation process successfully .
> But the V2SF error still persistes.

Well, this works for MIPS (though I suppose you might want to check
that), so if you just copy the MIPS files, then this should work for
your target.  So if it doesn't work, then you either didn't just copy
the files, or you didn't update config.gcc correctly.  We can't really
help you with this.

> Would you please tell me that for what the binutils like gas ,ld are
> called.I know that gcc uses internally the gas and ld to produce final
> output.
> But during compilation of gcc ,what role these executables play.

They are used to build libgcc, the gcc support library.


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