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Re: "Free as in Freedom"

Always threatening, you're even worse than
Once again "Free as in Freedom", how dare you to use
this? Please don't forget to mention that you want to
rip me off $300!

--- Robert Dewar <> wrote:

> Alexander Verhaeghe wrote:
> > Quote Jan-Benedict Glaw "So please shut up now."
> > 
> > Quite friendly I must say, it's the german way I
> > suppose of handling things?
> > 
> > To Jan-Benedict Glaw I WON'T SHUT UP because of
> "Free
> > as in Freedom"!
> If I googled on your name and found this sort of
> absurd post, I would form conclusions right away.
> People will see these quotes for ever, they are
> not going away, they will follow you everywhere,
> is this what you want?
> Do you not understand that it is technically
> impossible
> to remove those posts, there are thousands of copies
> of
> this all over the net. By posting to this list, you
> gave consent to this massing reproduction of what
> you
> wrote, and it cannot be undone.
> Free as in freedom does not allow you to insist on
> other
> people removing your messages, and the idea that it
> violates privacy rules to refuse is absurd. On the
> contrary the operation of freedom here is that
> anyone
> anywhere has the ability and right to copy your
> posts,
> and thousands of people have already taken advantage
> of
> this permission that you gave by posting in the
> first place.

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