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Source code of CIL back-end

last week I announced that, within the R&D division of STMicroelectronics I belong to, my team decided to work about a CIL back-end for gcc (see
After receiving positive feedback and interest about such a back-end, I thought it's a good idea to start right now sharing the code and setting up a collaborative development environment.
My preferred way to work is to open a development branch in gcc and to make it the official place for the development of the back-end.
As far as I know, this can't be done until the CIL back-end is approved for a possible inclusion in gcc. In the meantime, I opened a project in a public repository; this is meant to be temporary, I will dismantle it for a gcc development branch.
By the way, is there any news about the status of the CIL issue?
I'm sorry to bother the list readers about this, but whom could I directly ask?

Here is a link to the public project I've just mentioned:
The subversion repository contains the current status of the code written by the team in STMicroelectronics. If it is useful, I can add a patch file for gcc 4.2 snapshot of 20060422 to the project files.
The code is still at prototypal stage. Nevertheless, all features of ANSI C and C99 are supported.
You're invited to try it; just check out the source code and launch script in a newly created directory. The script configures gcc as a CIL cross-compiler and it builds it.
Beware that the back-end comes with no C library (at least not yet)... you can check the assembler emitted for test C programs, but don't yet expect to compile and link programs that use it!

Finally, I will attend the developers' summit next week in Ottawa.
I hope it's also going to be a very good occasion to talk "live" about the back-end.


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