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Re: Patch queue and reviewing (Was Re: Generator programs can only be built with optimization enabled?)


> Diego Novillo wrote:
> > Manuel López-Ibá?ez wrote on 06/15/06 05:34:
> > 
> >> I mean, there is a patch queue, you put your patch or patch
> >> set in the queue, it gets bootstrapped and tested as you said on 2-5
> >> patforms, then either it passes and a notification is send to the
> >>
> > Actually, the patch queue only stores the patches.  This idea of
> > bootstrapping on 2-5 platforms automatically has not been implemented.
> > 
> I know, for example, SuSE has such a build farm that is accessible by
> email (IE you email patches to it).
> If they were willing to let the patchapp submit emails (or xmlrpc or
> whatever), and there was a way for it to notify the patchapp about the
> results (xmlrpc or http post would be fine), that would be ideal.
> I could just add a status column saying what happened with the bootstrap.

there are several problems with the idea.  With the current setup, we
cannot make the testers available to public for security reasons.
Testing each patch takes several hours, so for larger-scale usage we
would need to dedicate more machines to the task than we do now.  Also,
the testers need some maintenance -- 1-2 hours each month for me, but
this would obviously go up with the more intensive usage.  I do not
think it would be possible for SuSE by itself to accomodate for these

Perhaps in the cooperation with other companies interested in gcc, we
could put together enough hardware and developer time to realize this
idea (don't take it as promise of anything from the SuSE side, though --
I have very little say regarding that).  I think it might be good to
discuss it at gcc summit.


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