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Re: Some C++0x experiments

(We should really update contribute.html to explicitly said what must be done)

Hi Pedro, as far as I know, you just need to email and
request "a personal copyright assignment for GCC".

You'll need to include your physical mailing address so they can send
some forms to you. They also send you some stickers, although the ones
I received were rather ugly ;). Also, you should mention any possible
employer that may claim any rights over your work, that is, mention
whether you are an independent developer, or work for a company or for
an university or whatever applies to your case.

I hope I got it right, correct me if I am wrong...



On 15/06/06, Pedro LamarÃo <> wrote:
Mike Stump escreveu:
> On Jun 9, 2006, at 6:31 PM, Pedro LamarÃo wrote:
>> Currently I have implemented in g++ the "Static Assertions" and the
>> "Right Angle Brackets" C++0x features in g++. Those are the simplest
>> ones that got into the working draft
>> Any feedback is welcome!
> Well, I hope that you are able to do up the paperwork to contribute the
> changes and to contribute them.

From what I read in contribute.html I believe I should need a personal
assignment and an employer disclaimer.

I'm willing, and I think my employer won't mind.

How should I proceed?

 Pedro LamarÃo

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