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Re: Patch queue and reviewing (Was Re: Generator programs can only be built with optimization enabled?)

Joe Buck <Joe.Buck@synopsys.COM> writes:

> The SC mainly has negative power, it can't make people do work.
> There have been a number of proposals that basically amount to threatening
> the patch reviewers with negative consequences, but I'm not for that.
> Certainly we can talk about mechanisms to help the reviewers, or try
> to recruit new help.

Yeah, we need positive feedback, not negative feedback.  I think that
every approved review (as tracked by some program, e.g., Danny's patch
queue e-mail reader) the approver should get a gooble.  And, just to
make it more fun, the submitter should get one also.  Whoever has the
most goobles in any month gets to be Gcc Poobah of the Month.  Whoever
has the most in a year gets to be Gcc Grand Poobah for the next year.
If we find a sponsor, or we all chip in a dollar, then the Gcc Grand
Poobah can get a T-shirt and a funny hat.

This may sound kind of dumb, but, hey, in an insular community people
can care about the most trivial of things, even if they don't take
them seriously.  E.g., Slashdot Karma.

Or, this may sound extremely dumb, in which case, never mind.


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