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Re: Patch queue and reviewing (Was Re: Generator programs can only be built with optimization enabled?)

Diego Novillo <> writes:

> Daniel Berlin wrote on 06/13/06 23:24:
> > Does anyone believe this would help make sure patches stop dropping
> > through the cracks?
> > 
> Not really.  Technical solutions to social problems rarely work.  Patch
> review is mostly a social problem.  I am frequently part of the problem,
> unfortunately.  Mostly this is a time constraint problem, there are only
> so many hours in a working day.

You are of course correct in general.

However, I believe there are specific cases in which generating
reminder messages would help.  The gcc-patches mailing list is a busy
one.  It's easy for people to miss a patch.  It's also easy for people
to assume that a patch to a particular area will be handled by a
maintainer who tends to focus on that area.  I think a reminder
message that some patch is still outstanding could be helpful to catch
these sorts of cases.


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