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Re: Patch queue and reviewing (Was Re: Generator programs can only be built with optimization enabled?)

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> Daniel Berlin <> writes:
>>>> It can also tell you who to copy on a ping email to make sure it
>>>> actually goes to a maintainer.
>>>> the interface is under construction, but "okay" for casual use.
>>>> would be the
>>>> one for this patch.
>>> I'm on that list, but I can't approve this patch.  It needs approval
>>> from a build system maintainer, not a middle-end maintainer.
>> The maintenance area was listed by the submitter as " 	build and middle-end"
>> hence the reason the middle end maintainers are listed.
> Yeah, I did see that.  I guess that naturally leads to the next
> question: how do I edit that field?  There ought to be some nice
> little AJAX editor to let me adjust all the fields, assuming of course
> that I have a valid SSL enabled login.  Maybe you could work on that
> this afternoon if you have a free hour.

I'm already ahead of you.
For the moment, i'm just going to add an edit button.
I have to read up on the in-place editor API before i can just make it

Anyway, the editor will only adjust the maintenance and url fields.  The
rest is auto-grabbed from the url.

> Ian

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