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Patch queue and reviewing (Was Re: Generator programs can only be built with optimization enabled?)

> IMHO this PR is a striking example of the *major* problems we have been having 
> in the patch reviewing department for quite some time.

I don't disagree in this case.

Not only was this patch submitted in march and not reviewed, it was even
pinged on march 29th by someone *else*.

It seems most undirected pings go ignored, probably because nobody
realizes they are supposed to be looking at this patch.

At least, i hope this is why.

The patch queue can now tell who can review a given patch (it guesses
matching the maintenance area you say the patch is for when adding to
the queue against regexps for each maintenance area).

It knows the difference between global and non-global maintainers.

Given this, it would be trivial to make it able to generate, for
example, an RSS feed (Or it could send them emails) for a maintainer
that they can subscribe to which will have new items when they have new
patches they can review.

Does anyone believe this would help make sure patches stop dropping
through the cracks?

It can also tell you who to copy on a ping email to make sure it
actually goes to a maintainer.
the interface is under construction, but "okay" for casual use. would be the
one for this patch.

I already tried generating mass-ping emails for patches that have been
outstanding > 2 weeks on the patch queue, but this didn't seem to help.

I could try generating the ping mails for single patches automatically,
and try to randomly disperse them so that you can't just ignore some
email bomb of ping emails, but this seems like it should be unnecessary.
Past the above, I have no better ideas for getting patches reviewed
other than appointing more maintainers.


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