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Re: Generator programs can only be built with optimization enabled?

David Edelsohn wrote:
Mark Mitchell writes:

Mark> That seems unfortunate, but so be it.

	Yes it is very unfortunate and not very convenient for the way
that most developers want to use the build infrastructure.  There no
longer is an equivalent to "make quickstrap".  To rebuild only GCC, one
can use "make all-stageN-gcc" at the top-level.

Andrew pointed out PR18058, where you can read:

----- Comment #33 From Andrew Pinski 2006-06-11 13:10 [reply] -------

This was caused by:
2006-01-22  Zack Weinberg  <>

* genautomata.c: Include vec.h, not varray.h.

The problem that Mark reported happens because (since always) the CFLAGS of the gcc directory are just "-g", not "-O2 -g". Optimized builds have (since always) been done only because the toplevel overrides the "-g" CFLAGS. So, when you type "make" in the gcc directory, it triggers a non-optimized build of everything (generator programs, compiler, driver), which in turn triggers PR18058.

So, let's please not confuse issues. I work in the GCC directory daily. I type "make" there and it just works. You can even type "make quickstrap" if you want:

ifeq ($(BOOTSTRAPPING),yes)
# Provide quickstrap as a target that people can type into the gcc
# directory, and that fails if you're not into it.
quickstrap: all

I think this was your suggestion, and it was implemented.

If there are requests for improvements to the build infrastructure, please tell me clearly about them. However, I don't see how this is related to the problem that Mark reported.


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