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Re: [wwwdocs] Complete revamp of our web site

>>>>> "Gerald" == Gerald Pfeifer <> writes:

Gerald> The following patchset renovates our web presence, adopting
Gerald> the current style from and bringing the Java and
Gerald> libstdc++ pages in sync so that we now have one common style.

Looking better!  I like it much more.

Gerald> Feedback welcome!

Since you asked...

For the gcj pages I think there are still some things that would be
nice to change.  Some is content, some is layout, and some is
technology.  Overall the pages (and the gcc main page is included
here) are too cluttered.


The "what is gcj" section is too verbose.  It should be a single
paragraph, and then a link to "more info" or something like that.


The font is too big.  The news section should be visible when you
first visit the page, without scrolling.  In particular I think the
news should be along the left, the "what is gcj?" thing in the middle,
and the navigation on the right (or reversed if the navigation is on
the left... I don't really care where that ends up).


We should have an RSS feed for the news.  Ideally any gcj hacker could
add a news entry without a cvs commit, but I don't insist on that :).
The news column for gcj should come from this feed, and the news
column for the main gcc page should subscribe to it.

Take a look at the mono main page if you want to see something that
looks nice, is clean, and remains useful.


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