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Re: GCC SC request about ecj

>>>>> "Per" == Per Bothner <> writes:

Per> Note this does not mean importing Eclispe code into the gcc source or
Per> release tree.  We need to decide on a practical way to have people
Per> grab a compatible version of ecj.

My short-term plan is to make a branch in gcc svn, and commit what
I've got.  I'll also post my current ecj patch somewhere, along with
instructions on how to set it up.  (It is easy.)

Longer term, I think the Eclipse JDT guys have been talking about
doing separate ecj jar releases.  So, ideally we would have the needed
gcj-related patches upstream and people could simply download these
jars or check out sources from eclipse cvs.

I haven't sent my ecj patch upstream yet since I wanted to iron out
most of the issues before proposing it.

libgcj builds with the new compiler, but there is still some runtime
bug.  I suspect there's a compiler bug somewhere; I haven't
investigated yet.  I have successfully built a libgcj based on the
classpath generics branch though -- pretty fun.  This required a
number of changes in libgcj.

I suppose we could import classpath generics branch and merge it to
the new branch I make, and proceed from there.


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