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Re: [patch] Improve loop array prefetch for IA-64

--- Andrey Belevantsev <>:

> Canqun Yang wrote:
> > Hi, all
> > 
> > This patch results a performance increase of 4% for SPECfp2000 and 13% for NAS benchmark suite
> on
> > Itanium-2 system, respectively. More performance increase is hopeful by further tuning the
> > parameters and improving the prefetch algorithm at tree level. 
> Hi Canqun,
> It's great news that you continued to work on prefetching tuning for 
> ia64!  Do you plan to port your other changes for the old RTL 
> prefetching to the tree level?

Yes. But I have no much time to do it now. I am busy for other things.

> > @@ -1985,13 +1985,18 @@
> >     ??? This number is bogus and needs to be replaced before the value is
> >     actually used in optimizations.  */
> I suggest to remove this comment as it has become outdated with your 
> patch.  Instead you might say how did you choose this particular value 
> (and PREFETCH_BLOCK too).  Just my 2c.
> Andrey

Please refer to my previous mail and attatched paper.

Canqun Yang


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