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Re: Segment registers support for i386

Remy Saissy wrote:
I've looked for a target specific callback to modify but I've found
nothing, even in the gcc internals info pages. Do you mean I would
have to modify some code outside of the i386 directory ? Or maybe to
add such a callback if it doesn't exist ;)

You'ld have to modify code in the main GCC directory, probably a lot
of code.  Since it's target dependent, you'ld need to implement it using
a hook or hooks.

In which file does the tree to RTL conversion code is located ?

There are several files that do this jobs.  See the internals

Does it mean that an RTL expression which use reg: force gcc to use a
particular pseudo register ?

Pseudo registers aren't real registers.  They either get changed to real
hard registers, or memory references to stack slots.  See the internals
documentation for more details.

Ross Ridge

Ok, Thanks a lot for your help, I'm going to see what I can do and if I don't give up now ;) Have a great day.

-- RÃmy Saissy JabberID: Web: "L'homme qui a le plus vÃcu n'est pas celui qui a comptà le plus d'annÃes, mais celui qui a le plus senti la vie." J.-J. Rousseau, Emile.

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