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Re: comparing DejaGNU results

On Thu, 2006-06-01 at 03:43, Mike Stump wrote:

> Mine was designed to do two things, figure out if the results are  
> interesting and not send email, if they are not, and to show  
> engineers the `interesting' detailed results in priority order.  It's  
> meant to be run daily, and on good days, it produces no output.  On  
> normal days, output is 20-30 lines at most.  It tries to balance the  
> complaints with the occasional atta boy, to help with moral.

The only problem I have with Mike's script is that it doesn't handle
runs with multiple multi-lib variants nicely.  Attached is a local hack
that I have to address this, but you'll need to re-seed your reference
files if you apply it.

With the change the output generated is not something like

Tests that now work, but didn't before:

arm-sim/-mthumb: g++.old-deja/g++.oliva/template9.C  (test for errors, line 10)
arm-sim: g++.old-deja/g++.oliva/template9.C  (test for errors, line 10)

New tests that FAIL:

arm-sim/-mthumb: g++.dg/init/const3.C (test for excess errors)
arm-sim/-mthumb: g++.dg/opt/temp2.C (test for excess errors)
arm-sim/-mthumb: g++.dg/other/unused1.C scan-assembler stringz?\t"class2"
arm-sim/-mthumb: g++.dg/other/unused1.C scan-assembler stringz?\t"printer"
arm-sim/-mthumb: g++.dg/template/fntry1.C (test for excess errors)
arm-sim: g++.dg/other/unused1.C scan-assembler stringz?\t"class2"
arm-sim: g++.dg/other/unused1.C scan-assembler stringz?\t"printer"

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