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Re: Problem about gcc 4.1 + binutil 2.16.92 + glibc 2.4 + ARM EABI

Hi Richard,
Thanks for your information. I will ask for help on

But I still have question about gcc here:
The Local variables layout will impact my development. Consider
following C code:
      int i;
      int j;
      char c[7];
      int *tmp;

     tmp = (int *) c;
     *tmp = j;
I don't think the local variables will be in register. So the code
"*tmp = j;" cause the
align exception in some situation if use the 4.1 toolchain. If I am
wrong, please
correct me. Thanks a lot.

Regards Yin, Fengwei

On 5/31/06, Richard Earnshaw <> wrote:
On Wed, 2006-05-31 at 07:58, Fengwei Yin wrote:

> int my_temp(void)
> {
>       int i;
>       int j;
>       char str[2];

> Please notice the address of the str and j. there IS NO memory hole
> between therm
> when using gcc 3.4.3 and there IS memory hole when using gcc 4.1. My question
> is: Why there is difference there. And what is the root cause of the
> difference (EABI
>  or gcc update)? Is there any gcc option to make them align?

This has nothing to do with the EABI.  Local variables are not laid out
on the stack in any particular order (and in many cases will never go on
the stack since they will live entirely in registers).

Please direct any follow-ups to  This is off-topic
for this list.

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