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Re: c++ regression in trunk

On 31/05/2006, at 4:59 PM, Jack Howarth wrote:

Nice call. If I relink xplor with 'gcc -shared-libgcc', the program
no longer aborts on the throw in the c++ code. As before, if I remove
the '-shared-libgcc' and link with gcc, I get the abort on the throw.
Anything else can provide to help pin this problem down? I did test
current gcc trunk built on a Fedora Core 5 intel box and can confirm
that this issue is darwin specific. I don't see any problems on intel
linux with xplor-nih built using gcc trunk.

OK, this is helpful; but it's not quite enough yet. One possibility is that the FSF GCC libgcc is somehow incompatible or broken on Darwin. Another possibility is that something else triggered by - shared-libgcc is the cause (the other things at the moment are crt3.o, the minimum system version passed to the linker, and the setting of -multiply_defined to the linker).

So, what you want to do is use '-###' to see what's changing, and either take the working link line and substitute a static libgcc, or take the broken one and substitute the shared libgcc.

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