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GNU Pascal branch

The GNU Pasal compiler <> is maintained as a separate back-end project. The compiler can be built with gcc-2.8.1 up to gcc-3.4.x and preliminary support for gcc-4.0 was recently added (<>). A regular question is why gpc isn't integrated into the gcc repository. The answer is that simply the resources fail to maintain gpc on a daily basis on gcc mainline. Also, flexibility in choosing the back-end version sometimes has its advantages, dependent on the platform, given the fact that reported gcc bugs are not always fixed.

Apropos, <> seems to be pointing to the wrong page now.

Still, I would like to create a GNU Pascal branch for gcc. This will be a central place where to keep the compiler updated with

* recent gpc snapshots
* patches to the front-end, posted on the GNU Pascal mailing list <> (to add features or to fix bugs)
* patches to the back-end and middle-end, needed to get things working for various targets.

<> explains how to create a branch, so I am looking for a gcc maintainer to approve for write access (solely for the branch). I signed an FSF assignment for the GNU Pascal compiler on February 15, 2005 (OS/RT 220644).


Adriaan van Os

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