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Gcc help pages about __mode__ keyword

Dear GCC help pages maintainers,
I recently encountered a statement like this one


in a micro kernel source file.

As I'm not so skilled with this kind of C/C++ syntax I tried to read the manual about the keywords involved in that expression. Despite I found information about "__attribute__" and "__mode__" I wasn't able to find information about "__DI__" (on the gcc manual pages). Of course I found in Internet partial explanation of the meaning of "__DI__" keyword and also found out that there are many of the same type like "__SI__", "__HI__", and "__QI__". By the way, do they mean Double-, Single-, Half-, Quarter-, -Integer?

The point is that it seem to me those identifiers are actually keywords of the compiler. So they really have be mentioned (at least) in the compiler manual. Better would be if they are explained. I guess that part of the manual is not so well maintained because I found only reference to the keywords "__byte__" or "__word__" or "__pointer__".

This message is just to inform u about something if u have the time to work about has to be done (in my opinion) .
Best regards,

Ing. Anton Soppelsa
Consorzio RFX - Associazione EURATOM/ENEA sulla Fusione
Corso Stati Uniti, 4
35127 Padova

tel.: +39 049 829 5846

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