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Update on GCC moving to svn

Okay, well, i've got the svn mailer config setup okay, and tested to
make sure it posts the right messages to the right mailing lists for the
right dirs 

ViewCVS is now up on an old test repo at and
working okay.

Thus, i'm going to put an updated repo on on Monday (i was
converting it, but it looks like they shutdown the machines at watson)
and do a few test branch merges to make sur eall the commit mails come
out okay for very large cases.

So, i'd like to set a tenative move-to-svn date of 10-22-2005

This is two weeks from today.

Jeff, since you said you take care of the Savannah side of things,
please let me know if this is enough time.  For performance reasons I
would suggest you run either a 1.3.0 development version of SVN, or i
have a special version of 1.2.3 running on with the
performance patch backported.  (The patch is quite small, but very
important for diffs of old versions).

Angela, you said you had a good solution to the restricted shell problem
(IE the need to allow both cvs server and svnserve to run).
I imagine we need to set up restricted shell that allows both commands
to run, and convert the existing users authorized_keys file to use it.

I have installed rssh (

, and modified the sources to allow svnserve to run (it already had code
to do cvs). I've submitted the patch upstream.

RPMS in /root/rpms/rpms/i386/rssh-*, modified sources
in /root/rssh/rssh-2.2.3

Theoretically, this should be as simple as setting the user shell to
rssh, methinks, but we need a guinea pig :)


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