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Moving to subversion, gonna eat me a lot of peaches

So, now that the new machine is working, i'm starting to get a lot of questions about moving to subversion.

The answer is thus:

1. My laptop, where i keep all the test stuff and scripts, is about to be sent back to IBM for repair (I have backups, etc, it's just i don't want to be converting for real without the machine i'm used to doing it on).

They estimate 5-7 days.

2. There are a few server side scripts to be converted, but this is easy.

3. viewcvs needs to be setup on the new machine for svn.

4. The new svnmailer config (which replaces log_accum) needs to be set up and tested.

It would be nice to get help here from people familiar with how all the current mail goes where it goes to set this up.
Docs on svnmailer can be found at

5. Actually converting.

I will take care of the notifying bugzilla part of 4.

I can take care of 3 during the week on the test repo.

4 mainly consists of converting the current loginfo details into an svnmailer config file.

It actually should be rather easy.

As for the rest of the server side scripts, the current wwwdocs/bugzilla checkout scripts will become trivial, AFAICT, since they just need to do a single svn update in the base wc, and will get the right results.

BJE has converted most of the client side scripts in the contrib directory. I have to see what is left and conver the rest.

So, hopefully, i should be able to get the administrative pieces of conversion out of the way this week, and have a testable repo that sends commit emails properly by next week.

Assuming this is the case, i'll set a date for conversion as a week later than when i get my laptop back, and will send a followup email with the exact date.

Subversion 1.3, with the rest of the client speedups we were looking for, will be branched in the next week or two, and released a few weeks after that, so i'm not worried about waiting for it.

The current conversion time is 26 hours including all the apple tags, and 14 hours not including them (the way they are tagged makes them a bit wonky).

If anything goes wrong after conversion, i have a script that should be able to turn svn commits back into cvs ones, if it becomes necessary to fallback to cvs.


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