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Re: On which platforms is -fvisibility supported?

Robert Dewar wrote:
Jonathan Turkanis wrote:

Jonathan Turkanis wrote:
 > I've asked this question twice at gcc-help, but got no response.

I didn't even get a sarcastic response! :-P

Well there is no guaranteed response, given this is a volunteer
activity. You can't complain if you don't get a response from
the volunteer group (well you can complain, but no one is
oblligated to pay any attention to your complaint).

Obviously there's no guarantee. But don't tell me I can't complain. ;-)

I'm a volunteer author and maintainer of several open source projects, and I never tell users to "use the source, Luke" if they have a question which should be answered in the documentation.

GCC has a real problem in this area.

The end result is that a *user* with a question about the documentation, must grep the souce.

If you come to this mailing list, which is for gcc developers,
that is part of the price of admission, this list is not for
users, but for developers.

That's not a reasonable expectation.

It is for developers, and if you are not a developer,
you are really in the wrong place.

Break it down how you like; it's still true that it's not reasonable to expect a user with a question about the documentation to grep the source before asking.

Jonathan Turkanis

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