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Re: RFC: dbxout_type rewrite

Devang Patel <> writes:

> I've now patch ready (based on apple-local-200502-branch) but it
> requires few bug fixes in darwin GDB. My simple question is : Is
> anybody interested in reviewing this GCC patch for acceptance in FSF
> GCC (4.1 or 4.2 or whenever) irrespective of whether associated GDB
> changes are contributed or not? Apple linker is updated to avoid 't'
> and 'T' LSYM stabs while removing chunks of stabs. I am not sure how
> big deal it is for FSF linker. And I do not know whether these linker
> changes will find its way in FSF linker or not.

Hi Devang,

I'll review such a patch.

Obviously you can't commit a patch which will break GDB for those who
use stabs.  However, what you can do is add the changes conditional on
a command-line option.  The option can be on for Darwin and off for
everyone else by default.

In addition, it would be good if you could:
- Report a bug against FSF GDB for the cases which aren't handled properly
- maybe even provide the patch against Apple GDB which fixed it, since
  it might help anyone who looks at the bug.

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