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RE: New port contribution - picoChip

----Original Message----
>From: Steven Bosscher
>Sent: 12 September 2005 18:01

> On Monday 12 September 2005 18:55, Giovanni Bajo wrote:
>> Daniel Towner <daniel.towner> wrote:
>>> The linker and assembler used by the port are proprietary, and can't
>>> be made publicly available at this point. The port will have to be
>>> assembler output only.
>> I suppose this means that nobody but you will ever be able to run/test
>> your backend. If you are fine with this, I don't think anybody will
>> object. 
> I think people should object.  What is the point in having a free
> software compiler if e.g. users can't use a complete free toolchain;
> or gcc developers not being able to test changes when some patch
> needs changes in every port.
> Gr.
> Steven

  I second that.  I'd feel differently if there was at least a FOSS
simulator around that people could directly run the assembler output on, but
as it stands it seems like adding this backend is a burden to the community
for zero benefit.

  I have to ask Dan:  *Why* do you want to contribute this port?  Cui bono?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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