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Q about Ada and value ranges in types

I am tracking an ICE in VRP that triggers only in Ada.  Given

     1	D.1480_32 = nam_30 - 300000361;
     2	if (D.1480_32 <= 1) goto <L112>; else goto <L52>;
     3	<L112>:;
     4	D.1480_94 = ASSERT_EXPR <D.1480_32, D.1480_32 <= 1>;
     5	goto <bb 50> (<L57>);

When visiting statemen #4, VRP tries to create the range [-INF, 1] 
for name D.1480_94.  However, the type of D.1480 is:

(gdb) ptu type
const types__name_id___XDLU_300000000__399999999

 <integer_type 0xf6f3f360 types__name_id___XDLU_300000000__399999999
    type <integer_type 0xf6f3cec4 types__Tname_idB sizes-gimplified visited SI
[ ... ]
    min <integer_cst 0xf6f40060 300000000>
    max <integer_cst 0xf6f40090 399999999>
     RM size <integer_cst 0xf6ee13f0 32>>

So, for this type -INF is 300000000, and thus the range that we
try to create is [300000000, 1] which is invalid.

My question is, is Ada emitting an always-false predicate in line
#2?  Or is it a bug?  What would happen if nam_30 (also of the
same type) was 300000000?

If the Ada language allows that kind of runtime check, then my
fix to VRP will be different.  On examining 'D.1480_32 = name_30
- 300000361' we could create the range [300000000, 399999999] for
D.1480_32 and fold statement #2 directly.

Thanks.  Diego.

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