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Re: Backporting to 4_0 the latest friend bits

Paolo Carlini wrote:
Hi Kriang and Mark,

[ friend PRs snipped ]

I know that, technically, we are not talking about regressions wrt 3.x, still, important packages that used to compile and, well, apparently at least, *work* well, now don't even compile (see c++/19403, c++/21235, many others linked from there). Would be a big deal having more of Kriang's recent work in 4_0 too, or is there something else that you can suggest?

Do we know that (a) the affected programs are valid, and (b) the patches will make them compile again?

I understand the compiler did the wrong thing before, but it might be that the programs were valid, the compiler did a wrong-but-harmless thing, and now 4.0.0 does a wrong-but-harmful thing. If so, I think it's reasonable to consider patches (if simple) that change the compiler to do the right thing; going back to the wrong-but-harmless thing doesn't seem so attractive.

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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