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Re: Should there be a GCC 4.0.1 release quickly?

On Thu, Apr 28, 2005 at 06:45:10PM +0200, Steven Bosscher wrote:
> Hi,
> PR21173 and its duplicates are a class of wrong-code and ICE bugs
> in GCC 4.0.0.
> In Bugzilla, PR21173 now has 3 duplicates, and there was another
> example on this mailing list. That makes 5 users who have already
> run into this rather serious bug. That is a lot, for a compiler
> that has only just been released...

I'm not surprised to see a problem in anything with two 0's.  It's
the first release ever with tree-ssa.  It was inevitable that users
would find problems, and I certainly wouldn't use 4.0.0 for production
(distros that use it will of course add patches, including the one
for PR 21173).

> The bug has already been fixed on mainline and on the GCC 4.0 branch.
> Should we release a new GCC 4.0 RSN and recommend that people do not
> use GCC 4.0.0?  Or should we maybe add a notice somewhere about this
> bug?

We always knew we needed 4.0.1.  The problem, though, with a very quick
release to fix this one is that we could discover a second nasty one.

If this bug is as bad as you say, it's probably worth putting out 4.0.1
faster than Mark originally planned.  But tomorrow is too soon.

Also, we can point people to a patch for this PR so that they can get
further in their testing.

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