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Re: GCC 4.1: Buildable on GHz machines only?

On Wed, 27 Apr 2005, Daniel Berlin wrote:

> If you want a faster compiler, it's hard work.  It means not adding
> features because the design isn't a good one, *even if the user would
> still find it useful*. People aren't willing to do this.  It means lots
> and lots of profiling, and taking care of little inefficiencies.  All I
> ever see people suggest is magic bullets.


I can not agree with it at all! At least for our C++ code, I've seen
compiler speedup from GCC 3.2, which was the most slowest compiler, 3.3
was faster because of better memory heuristics, 3.4 was faster probably
because of better parser and 4.0 is faster because of a work of many
developers here whom I would like to say Thank You!

Imagine that G++ is now faster at least about 50% (at least!), when
comparing 3.2 and 4.0.0, not just talking about great 25% speedup between
3.4.x and 4.0.0!

Conclusion: people are willing to investigate compiler slowness and even
they add new features to the compiler itself.

Thank you all for writing GCC!
Karel Gardas        
ObjectSecurity Ltd. 

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