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Global Objects initialization Problem.......


I am using a cross compiler "sparclet-aout-gcc". I have written my own
main function and does not link to libgcc's main function while
linking is done. I m not able to initialize the global objects The
generated executable format is "a.out".

For example:

when I execute the following program I got printed 0 while It should
be 4321..and the printf inside constructor of class A is executed not
at all...

class A{

           int a;
           A(int id) { a=1234;
                       printf("The constructor ID=%d \n", id);

A out(4321);                        // global

int main()
        printf("The constructor ID in MAIN = %d \n", out.a);

The code (That resides in my main function) That I used for initialization is:

extern func_ptr __CTOR_LIST__[];
extern func_ptr __DTOR_LIST__[];

Void CppGlobalInit()
          unsigned long nptrs = (unsigned long) __CTOR_LIST__[0];
          unsigned i;

          if (nptrs == (unsigned long)-1)
            for (nptrs = 0; __CTOR_LIST__[nptrs + 1] != 0; nptrs++);

          for (i = nptrs; i >= 1; i--)
            __CTOR_LIST__[i] ();


I m not running collect2, just calling a function CppGlobalInit() from
main to initialization Of global constructors...., I m using my own
linker scripts which I have
put the command CONSTRUCTORS in.

Waiting for a solution........

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